for the Future Acceleration Program

from a think tank with broad expertise
and a vision for the future



Acceleration Program targeting an
"Affluent and sustainable society
in a world populated by 10 billion
people with 100-year lifespans,"
by resolving societal issues through businesses co-created
with startups

Pandemic, global warming, food shortages ・・・
A society with a population of 10 billion is
about to arrive, and it faces a host of challenges.
With continuous innovation, we are on the brink of
the hundred-year lifespan.
We must strive for a society that promotes well-being
for both individuals and society as a whole,
as well as for future generations.

The Mitsubishi Research Institute has inaugurated
the “Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future” (INCF)
as a platform resolving societal issues through
innovative technology and open innovation.

Wellness, water and food,
energy and environment, mobility,
disaster prevention and infrastructure,
education and human resource development
Under high uncertainty in 2020,
focusing on these six areas in the post-COVID society,
we will gather solutions to resolve societal issues.

A prosperous and sustainable future society
cannot be achieved only by MRI alone.
Let’s strive for such a future together!

*INCF:Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future
An Industry-Academia-Government Citizen Collaboration
Platform Aimed at Resolving Societal Issues through Business


You will be provided a variety of
support options utilizing
the INCF
network and expertise in a wide range
of specialized fields
unique to a think tank and
the Future Co-Creation
Action Program
the Mitsubishi Research Institute.


Providing advice based
on knowledge and networks as a think tank

  • Support for industry and
    business analysis

    Advice on systems and regulations, industry models, industry practices, etc. by researchers who are familiar with each specialized field

  • Support for business model

    Preparation of prerequisites for
    commercialization plans by consultants familiar with business development

  • Impact strategy support

    Construct a business model that integrates social impact and examine ways to promote it

  • Support from external experts

    Advice from an external network of the
    Research Institute, including lawyers and accountants

We will provide each applicant with appropriate support.

Public relations and networking

  • Public relations

    Press releases, Interview Articles, etc., from Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

  • Providing networking

    Opportunities to participate in various events (including participation by government offices and large companies) sponsored by the
    Mitsubishi Research Institute and INCF

  • Promotion of cooperation

    Creating businesses to resolve societal issues through open innovation with INCF member companies

We will provide each applicant with appropriate support.

Future Co-Creation
Action Plan
(full-scale collaboration phase)*Provided to companies that have won
the Final Review Board
(Grand Prize,
Mitsubishi Research Institute Prize)

  • Cooperation with
    INCF Business Division

    Collaboration on individual projects with each division of Mitsubishi Research Institute
    (including investment consideration)

  • Market formation support

    Identifying and organizing structural issues in existing markets and implementing actions to support the formation of new markets (PR, stakeholder inclusion)

We will provide each applicant with appropriate support.

Mentoring - Flow of
Future Co-Creation Action

*Sample case (Individual implementation will be tailored to specific needs)

Sample case

Sample case


Ideal Future Society


  • Wellness
    A society where everyone
    can enjoy a vibrant and
    healthy life
    Easy access for everyone to the medical and nursing care services they need
    A society in which individuals can work comfortably regardless of their disabilities
    or place of residence.
    A society that can respond rapidly to global outbreaks and pandemics
  • Water and food
    A society where everyone is
    provided with clean water
    and safe, nourishing food
    Rich diet in spite of the explosive growth of
    the population
    Efficient use of water and food resources
    Satisfaction with food and communication
  • Energy and Environment
    A society where everyone can
    enjoy clean and sustainable
    resources and energy
    Promotion of energy conservation and the
    3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
    Passing on to future generations the
    richness of the Earth
    Developing a new approach toward sustainability
  • Mobility
    A society where everyone can
    mover freely, safely,
    and in a pollution-free way
    Smoother, individually optimized means of travel
    Traffic systems that achieve zero accidents
    A society that can achieve the purpose of
    travel without moving
  • Disaster prevention and infrastructure
    A society where everyone can
    live a safe and secure life
    well prepared for disaster
    Updates for aging infrastructure and
    disaster preparedness
    A society that is able to cope with
    increasingly large natural disasters
    Developing a security platform that ensures
    the safety and security of individuals and society
  • Education and Human Resource Development
    A society where everyone is
    empowered to contribute
    to society
    Recurrent educational opportunities
    A society that eliminates disparities in educational opportunities and allows
    everyone to thrive
    Mechanisms to increase human value that cannot be replaced by advances in

*Further details of “Listings of societal issues (Resolving Societal Issues Through Innovation”
which identify societal issues in Japan and overseas and
provide hints for creating businesses that resolve societal issues

*Download the full 2019 version here.


  • 2020/6/1

    Open for entries

  • 2020/7/31
    12:00 noon

    Application deadline

  • 2020/8/early

    Primary examination
    (documentary examination)

  • 2020/9/mid

    Secondary Examination
    (presentation review)

    *The examination can be done by teleconference.
  • 2020/10/early

    Announcement of finalist
    (adopted enterprise)

  • 2020/10/mid

    Mentoring period

    *The Mentoring can be done by teleconference.
    Mentoring from business consultants,
    and external advisors who are familiar with each specialized field
    Information transmission and matching support
  • 2020/12/11

    Final Review Board

    (Global Business Hub Tokyo @ Otemachi)
    Grand Prize (Prize money: 1 million yen),
    Mitsubishi Research Institute Prize (Prize money: 300,000 yen), etc.
  • Future Co-Creation Action Plan
    (full-scale collaboration phase)

    Participation in the INCF
    Creating New Markets
    Collaborating with business divisions on individual projects

Final Review Board

  • Hiroshi Komiyama

    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

  • Richard Dasher

    US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University

  • Tomy Kamada

    CEO and Founder of
    TomyK Ltd.

  • Yasuo Sugiyama

    Graduate School of Management,
    Kyoto University

  • Haruo Miyagi

    Founder and CEO,


  • Application deadline

    Friday, July 31, 2020

  • Eligibility Requirements
    ・ A corporation or an individual who
    will be incorporated within one year
    (Non-profit businesses are not included)
    ・ Having a business model hypothesis
    ・ Must be a new business
    (Even if the business has already launched,
    it can be a business that requires further promotion or
    a second launch)
    ・In support of the Mitsubishi Research Institute‘s vision of an ideal future
    society aiming to resolve societal issues through business
  • Details of the application
    ・ Abusiness model that resolves current and future societal issues
    contributes to the realization of Mitsubishi Research Institute's vision
    an ideal future society, based on
    the six areas of societal issues in
    we focus our efforts
    (Wellness, water and food, energy
    and environment,
    mobility, disaster prevention and infrastructure, education and human
    resource development).
  • Other
    ・ Transportation costs for one person for the
    second screening (interview)
    and the final screening (pitch competition) will be paid for
    by the
    Mitsubishi Research Institute.
    Other travel expenses incurred
    during mentoring are paid by applicants.
    *In view of the social situation, we are considering implementing the program online.
    ・ The intellectual property rights of
    the business models and products
    developed during the acceleration program belong to the applicants.


For any questions or inquiries regarding
this program
please feel free to contact us

Program Management Sponsor:
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Office of the Innovation Network for Co-creating
the Future in the Open Innovation Center
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