ICF Business Acceleration Program 2023

Resolving societal issues
through business innovation

The Business Acceleration Program (BAP) aims to
co-create the future with
startup companies in
order to create a sustainable society where
10 billion people
can lead fulfilling lives to the age of 100


We are committed to continuing to resolve societal issues
through co-creation.

We are committed to continuing to resolve societal issuesthrough co-creation.

The Initiative for Co-creating the Future (ICF) exists
to create a collective impact in order to build a society
in which 10 billion people can lead fulfilling
and affluent lives until at least the age of 100.

Last year,
BAP ended with an MRI DEMODAY for the first time,
successfully visualizing the concrete
made to resolve societal issues through co-creation
and collaboration with innovative startups.

This year, BAP 2023 will continue to focus on
the societal
implementation of both technology
and innovation by thinking, planning,
and acting together with startup companies that have
lofty aspirations and amazing ideas for resolving
societal issues.

The ideal applicant will have business models that
attempt to
resolve societal issues
in one more of the following 6 fields:
Wellness, Water & Food, Energy & Environment, Mobility,
Prevention & Infrastructure,
and Education & Human Resources.

Utilizing the full power of the Mitsubishi Research
diverse and expert network and
the more than 570 ICF network members,
applicants will have the chance to change
the world in ways never thought possible.

Let’s work together, and create a new world!

※For more information about ICF, click here!


What we look for
in a co-creation

Ideas / Technology /
Business model

We are looking for startup companies with ideas/technologies/business models to realize the Mitsubishi Research Institute's vision of an ideal future society

ICF Business Acceleration
Program 2023

  • Creating business
    that solve
    societal issues

    MRI is seeking solutions to societal issues that we
    have deemed important to address, and is
    collaborating with MRI business units to create
    co-creation products

    Societal Issues
    interactive webpage 〉
  • Providing business
    with the ICF member

    Applicants can find matching and discussion
    opportunities with approximately 570 large corporations,
    local governments, and startup companies

    ICF: Abbreviation for [Initiative for Co-Creation of the Future]
  • Utilizing a support
    system of MRI
    and external industry

    ICF advisors and others are feverishly working with MRI researchers to support the early commercialization of new and innovative businesses

  • Up to 1
    million yen in prizes

    Up to 1,000,000 yen in prize money support at the
    final review session

  • Collaborative PoC for co-creation

    During the co-creation activity period,
    reviewing project proposals,
    joint PoC
    implementation with MRI or
    ICF will become standard
    this year

    (some cost support will additionally be provided)

Co-creation and societal implementation of businesses that solve societal issues through open innovation

Co-creation and
societal implementation
of businesses that solve societal
issues through open innovation


Mitsubishi Research Institute’s
vision of
an ideal future society

A sustainable
society where 10
billion people can
lead fulfilling lives
to the age of 100
  • Wellness

    A society where all can enjoy
    a vibrant and healthy life

  • Water & Food

    A society where all are securely
    provided safe and healthy
    water and food

  • Energy & Environment

    A society where all can enjoy
    sustainable and clean energy,
    natural resources, and the environment

  • Mobility

    A society where all can live
    comfortably by meeting
    mobility needs in
    a clean, free, and
    safe manner

  • Disaster Prevention &

    A resilient society where all
    are assured safety
    and security

  • Education &

    A society where all are
    to contribute
    to their communities

MRI has identified 6 areas worldwide as societal issues to focus on

This program is intended for co-creation with MRI and ICF.
If you are interested in a collaborative project
with the MRI Operations Division,
please refer to the following 
Collaborative Project with MRI Operations Division


A society where all can
enjoy a vibrant and
healthy life

What needs to be done
Optimize medical and long-term care benefit costs, which are increasing due to lifestyle-related diseases and the aging of the population
Respond to the emergence and increase in women's health risks
Measures for people with impaired mental health
Solution examples
Technology for
visualization of
health status and
behavior change,
measuring the
programs, and
systems for
improving nursing care productivity
Support for medical checkups and consultations,
mental health
support, childcare support, infertility treatment support, career support, household chores, lifestyle alterations
the signs of
self-care, and
measures to
address worker
absence and
Water and Food

A society where all are
securely provided safe and
healthy water and food

What needs to be done
Reduce the environmental impact of global food production, distribution, and selection
Resolve supply chain inefficiencies and unreliability shortfalls
Ensure food diversity and promote communication through food
Solution examples
New food
to reduce the environmental impact of
production and
distribution, services to
promote behavior change when selecting foods
Visualization of production, supply, and consumption; efficiency improvement of agricultural production and distribution; improvement of food safety
Personalization of
food, encourage
dissemination of
cooking processes, formation of local communities
Energy and Environment

A society where all can enjoy
sustainable and clean energy,
natural resources,
and the environment

What needs to be done
Decarbonize energy production on the supply side
Elicit behavior change on the demand side
Encourage recycling and the efficient use of resources
Develop more effective environmental measurement tools and analysis
Solution examples
Technology for
decarbonization, microgrids, and
forecast errors for renewable energy
solutions, energy
conservation support
tools, renewable
energy purchasing website, quantity
store locator
application, TCFD support
impact throughout
the product life
cycle, improve
efficiency of waste collection and
recycling processes
and biomass resource utilization
Air, water and soil pollution control, proactive pollution control solutions through
environmental monitoring

A society where all can live
comfortably by meeting
their mobility needs in a
clean, free, and safe manner

What needs to be done
Construct a more comfortable mobility system for advanced mobility
Build a sustainable, compact, smart city
Deploy policies to revitalize local communities affected by the declining population
Establish measures to cope with the rapid aging of populations in developed countries
Promote public-private data collaboration in urban development and regional development
Solution examples
Improved driver
work efficiency,
maintain private
space and time in
the car, and create services that can be provided within
participation in
cities, visualization
of local assets, use
of ICT, address
last-one-mile of
human flow and
Services to
revitalize rural
communities and
bridge the “digital divide”
ICT utilization,
data utilization,
last-one-mile of
human flow and
Linkage of government/industry data and services to solve local issues
Disaster Prevention and Infrastructure

A resilient society
where all are assured
and security

What needs to be done
Build resilient societal systems against natural disasters
Foster an individual awareness of crisis and behavior changes
Develop efficient maintenance methods for societal and industrial infrastructure
Solution examples
Mechanisms to
local industries, information provision services,
centralization and openness of disaster information, effective communities in the event of a disaster
understanding of disaster risk, rapid evacuation services, disaster prevention education, phase-free products and services
Efficient inspection methods, daily information gathering and anomaly
detection, optimal
repair and construction
Education and Human Resources

A society where all are
empowered to contribute
to their communities

What needs to be done
Acquire skills required by rapidly changing technologies
Popularize new ways of working and build organizations that are easy to work with
Eliminate the gap between supply and demand of human resources, strengthen industrial competitiveness
Solution examples
Mechanisms to
provide new
learning, remote
class support,
learning progress management and sharing
development and
organization building
mechanisms for new ways of working, D&I and
gender-responsive employment of
human capital
Mechanisms to
resolve the balance
between supply and demand of human resources, job-based employment, career shifting, and
promotion of
recurrent education opportunities


Mentoring by researchers with a wide range of
expertise unique to a think tank,
combined with networking among
MRI divisions and ICF members


MRI Researchers

ICF Advisors

Mentoring / Co-creation PoC

MRI Divisions

  • ・Business collaboration
    investment with MRI
  • ・Co-creation of business
    with MRI

ICF Members

・Business collaboration
about 570 member



Developing collaboration on 4 types
of co-creation projects

Strengths /
Assets offered

Ideas / Technology /
Business Models

  • Collaborative Research

    Realize MRI's tentative ideas and concepts
    through collaboration with startups

    New Ordinary

    Collaborative research toward
    MRI advocacy →“actfulness”

    MRI is currently proposing the "actfullness" concept, which aims to improve wellbeing and realize a sustainable society based on human behavior and is conducting joint research to improve and demonstrate the idea’s application by combining the strengths of New Ordinary's AI recommendation abilities and MRI's effectiveness measurement model. The goal is to introduce the technology to transportation operators and local governments.

  • Customer Proposal

    Propose solutions to societal issues for large
    companies and government agencies through
    co-creation PJT

    TaylorWorks Joint work for research center
    collaboration in universities

    MRI has been commissioned by a government agency to plan and study the content exhibition for the 2025 Japan International Expo in the Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Hub Consortium. MRI is currently collaborating with TaylorWorks, a BAP 2022 finalist, to provide a platform for co-creation to stimulate communication among the participants in this project.

  • New Business

    Create new services that lead to solutions to
    societal issues by collaborating using other's

    HealthBit、UNTRACKED Building a package of health
    management measuring tools

    In response to the growing awareness of health management initiatives among companies, MRI is currently working with HealthBit, a BAP applicant, and UNTRACKED, a BAP 2022 finalist, among others, to develop a service that provides services and solutions to monitor employees' health status (both physical and mental), encourage behavioral change, maintain and improve it, and measure its effectiveness.

  • Consortium-based

    Create new markets by conducting research and
    business development necessary to realize a
    desirable society

    FemTech Startups Creating a gender-oriented

    ICF positions women's health and advancement as a priority issue. Since BAP 2020, ICF has selected FemTech startups as finalists every year and continues to co-create with them. In the future, the company will expand the scope of its activities to include the concept of gendered innovation, which focuses on gender differences not only among women, but also among men.


MRI Business Support

Full use of our think tank's unique
knowledge and network

  • MRI's proprietary methods
    Providing Impact Strategy

    MRI has years of experience introducing and providing support for research examining business strategies and their impacts. We quantitatively and qualitatively visualize the societal impact of each product and service from short-, medium-, and long-term perspectives, and can help you develop the necessary strategies to maximize the ripple effect on society.

  • Accompanying support for
    co-creation and social
    implementation with MRI

    MRI researchers, who are well versed in industry structure and regulatory trends, can provide the knowledge and network necessary for commercialization, including industry and business analysis, business model development, and sales channel development.

  • Consideration of investment
    through CVO(Corporate
    Venturing Office)

    The CVO (Corporate Venturing Office), which is in charge of MRI's startup investments, will consider investments and provide enhanced support for the commercialization of those that are chosen.

※Appropriate support will be provided for each applicant

Cooperation with ICF

Utilization of our network of approximately
570 member* companies and
focused on resolving societal issues

※As of July 1, 2023
  • Co-creation promotion

    Successful applicants will be able to conduct business matching with ICF members, coordinating collaboration and co-creation towards early and effective societal implementation, all while accompanied by experienced experts.

  • Providing various
    ICF member services

    ICF can provide many opportunities for applicants to participate in various seminars, discussion events, research groups, and more, organized by MRI and ICF. ICF is also able to promote solutions to societal issues through the introduction and matching of institutional investors that understand these types of businesses.

  • Assistance by ICF advisors
    other external professionals

    Applicants can receive advice from ICF advisors and other outside professionals on startup commercialization support and co-creation business creation.

※Appropriate support will be provided for each applicant


  • July 4, 2023

    Application opens

  • August 22, 2023

    Application deadline

  • Late Aug. 2023
    to Mid-October

    1st and 2nd round selections (documents, online pitch)

    Nov. 2023 → Finalists selected
  • Late October 2023
    to Early December


    Support for commercialization
    Pitch coaching
    ※Online in most cases (in-person meetings arranged individually)
  • August 12, 2023

    Final Review

    Grand prize (1 million yen), Mitsubishi Research Institute Prize,
    and others (prize money available)
    ※Conducted at MRI headquarters (hybrid event) by invitation
    (ICF members, + MRI clients)
  • End of Dec 2023~
    End of Feb 2024

    Co-creation activities

    --Support for commercialization of proposed businesses
    --Co-creation business study (new idea exploration, product
     popularity test (PoC implementation), business model test)
    --Impact Strategy study
    --Matching support needs with ICF members
    ※Online in most cases (in-person meetings arranged individually)
  • Early March 2024

    DEMODAYCo-creation project presentations)

    • ※Held at large venue in Tokyo (hybrid)
    • ※Panelists will be from companies
      that have successfully achieved
  • April 2024

    Full-Scale Collaboration Phase

    ・Participation in ICF and co-creation with members through activities
    ・Business collaboration with MRI, investment, and research activities


  • Application

    Tuesday, August 22, 2023

  • Applicant
    • ■ Applicant companies must be registered as a corporation
    • ■ Large corporations, new business divisions of large corporations,
       internal ventures, and non-profit business are not eligible for participation
    • ■ Applicant must have an idea, technology, or business model
        that will create a significant societal impact
  • Application

    Based on the six areas of societal issues (Wellness, Water & Food, Energy &
    Environment, Mobility, Disaster Prevent & Infrastructure, and Education &
    Human Resource Development)
    that make up the core of ICF’s research efforts,
    applications will put forward solutions (business models) to current and future
    societal issues that will contribute to the realization of the ideal future society
    envisioned by the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

  • Other

    Please read the ICF Business Acceleration Program Participation Rules
    below before applying

    Link here

For any questions or inquiries about this program,
please contact us at

Program Management Host:
Secretariat of the Future Co-creation Initiative, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

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